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A wise observer once noted that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  At Adroit, that important principle is applied to our organizational culture.  Total customer satisfaction is achievable only when the design, process engineering, inventory management, production, quality assurance and shipping departments operate as a functional team. 

Building cohesive and interactive cross-departmental teamwork necessarily requires a certain amount of mutual trust and respect among employees.  At Adroit, we ask each team member to understand the task requirements of colleagues operating in related departments.  We also initiate frequent team-building exercises to build personal familiarity between employees of varying work-groups.  As a result, employees often understand the effect of their work on downstream departments and, furthermore, are incentivized to assist co-workers with whom they have developed personal relationships.

A final component of a successful organizational culture is employee satisfaction.  Certainly, happier employees are more likely to take pride in their work, but we have also found inter-personal exchanges to be more productive between two staff members that feel challenged by their responsibilities. Accordingly, the Company invests heavily in the professional development of each employee.  Team members are asked to propose meaningful and specific process improvements for their respective areas and share the benefits of overall company profitability.

At Adroit, we have a friendly but equally wise adage of our own: customer satisfaction comes first, but employees are a close second.


• Staff members are treasured Company assets
• With respect to Teamwork, the whole is greater than the sum
• Continuous improvement is a way of life
• The Company will remain law-abiding and environmentally conscious at all times
• Our goal is to deliver flawless products and we will always act in accordance with Customer interests
• We will achieve a co-prosperous relationship among Customers, Employees and Shareholders