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Delivering the promised solution is largely predicated on effective management of three parameters: quality, cost and delivery (QCD).  At Adroit, we dissemble each parameter into the smaller, individual metrics that determine success.  For instance, the quality component is not determined solely by yield at Functional Test or Final Quality Assurance, but rather by evaluating real-time PPM at each critical production station.  Similarly, delivery commitments are not made following ambiguous phone calls to line leaders, rather, the entire Adroit management team has ready access to the precise number of currently shippable products for any given work order.

Acquiring granular, real-time manufacturing data constitutes a remarkable technical hurdle; the volume of information alone has the potential to obscure effective management action.  To meet the challenge, Adroit deployed a comprehensive, automated manufacturing executions system (MES).  The system affords management personnel visibility over a broad range of real-time manufacturing metrics, among the most critical are:

Material & Process Traceability
Yield, DPMO & Root Cause Defect Analysis 
Work in Process & Ready to Ship
Equipment & Resource Utilization & OEE
Zero-defect Shipments

While acquiring actionable manufacturing information remains integral to Adroit’s management practices, sound judgment supported by data is perhaps more critical to the Company’s success.  To achieve a desirable result, each decision must take the Company one step closer to full compliance with customer wishes.  For this reason, we invest heavily in training and development for our staff.  Project teams are always held accountable and professional growth is achieved through candid evaluation of past experiences.

At Adroit, integrating modern management practices with advanced enterprise technologies shortens delivery times on higher quality products at lower manufacturing costs.  We believe this will preserve long-term Company competitiveness while achieving total customer satisfaction.



Adroit is a qualified EMS provider to provide all-round services from procurement to either PCBA or box-built level of products. The products include automotive electronics, RFID, card readers, medical and health care products, and both commercial and industrial electronic products etc. Adroit is an ideal manufacturing base for international brands.